Descrete plugin how do I get blank spaces to the left to autofill?

I have the Discrete plugin working fine, the only thing is there seems to be some blank spaces to the left of some items. see pic attached… I know my line was Online during this time but not sure how to have Discrete fill that in with the Online color of green ?? I found a setting in options called “Expand ‘from’ query” and set it to like 15 secs that didn’t work so i set it to 86400 (24hrs) still didn’t change. so scratching my head on how to workaround this ?

i know it’s because Discrete just doesn’t know :slight_smile: what happen before that time but i know it was Online and should be green… see additional pics attached showing what’s in my database table and the query from Grafana for Discrete to use…
discrete query


here is my query in Grafana

        when line_status = 'OFFLINE' then 0
        when line_status = 'ONLINE' then 1
    end as value,
  line_name as metric
  line_name ASC