Dependent variables to get prometheus labels

Hello, everyone.
On my /metrics page I have strings similar to

 my_metric{controller="cont_a",action="act_a",le="1"} 5
 my_metric{controller="cont_a",action="act_b",le="1"} 4
 my_metric{controller="cont_b",action="act_c",le="1"} 3
 my_metric{controller="cont_b",action="act_d",le="1"} 2

On my Grafana dashboard, I want to see two variables: controller and action. If I’ll simply define them via queries like label_values(controller) and label_values(action), they’ll be independent, meaning that if controller "cont_a" is selected, all 4 actions will be available.
But I want to make the action variable dependent from the controller variable, so, that if controller "cont_a" is selected, then only values "act_a" and "act_b" are available for action variable. And if "cont_b" is selected, then only "act_c" and "act_d".
Is there any way to configure Grafana dashboard this way?