Dell storage manager - Compellent storage arrays

I have been trying to get better data / dashboards and alerting off the Compellent arrays. Problem is they are not a true enterprise class array and don’t ha e some of the expected features.

I am curious here if anyone has built dashboards for dsm from either snmp data or the sql backed of Dell storage manager.


I couldn’t find any predefined dashboard for your usecase. Building dashboards in Grafana is pretty easy as long as you have a good datasource. I would suggest you find a way to get your data in some format, Grafana supports CSV, time series or other database. You can use Rest API to query informations from you storage array.

Hope it helps.

Good Luck

Yea that’s what I figured but thought I would ask, before attempting to figure out how the sql db is orginazed and how I can design queries to meet the needs.