Default query in Explore mode

I was wondering if there is an option to set some “default query” to be loaded every time I go into “Explore” mode.
In our specific use-case, all logs are JSON-formatted and therefore we always need to filter according to some namespace and then format accordingly:

{namespace="api"} | json | line_format "{{.container}}\t {{.message}}" | __error__!="JSONParserErr"

Currently we “Starred” this query and we need several clicks to run this query in order to start going over the logs.
Is it possible to define a “default” query, similar to “starred” ones, to be executed immediately once we go into “Explore” mode?


I would suggest creating a Logs panel on the Grafana homepage (it’s actually a dashboard!) with that query, and you can then hover over that panel and press “x”. That will redirect you to the Explore view with that query pre-filled.

That’s a nice solution, thanks!