Decrease SNMP update timer on IOS-XR (CISCO ASR)

I’ve a case where i’m trying to poll SNMP information every 10 seconds from a Cisco IOS-XR devices (interfaces mib). Seems like CISCO IOS-XR updates SNMP information every 15secs, so sometimes management platfortm (in this sitaution - prometheus) reads the same information twice. I know that one of the ways would be increase SNMP polling time from 10S to at least 15s. But maybe is there any workararound in Grafana side ?

currently my query looks like this and gives lots of spikes:
irate(ifHCInOctets{ifAlias=~".(ISP|CWDM)#..",tenant=“DC”,region=‘dk’,instance=‘’}[1m]) * 8

or this (after this information is not correct):

rate(ifHCInOctets{ifAlias=~".(ISP|CWDM)#..",tenant=“DC”,region=‘dk’,instance=‘’}[$__interval]) * 8