Date Label for each column in a Bar Gauge

I have a Postgres with timescale database and am running this query

    time_bucket('1 day', data.ts) as time,
    MAX(CAST (data.value_string AS DECIMAL)) as "Date"
FROM data, topics
    data.topic_id=topics.topic_id AND
    topics.topic_name LIKE ('device/170000/CWC')
    AND data.ts > CURRENT_DATE + interval '-7 day'  + interval '6 hour'
ORDER BY time;

It is showing this data

time, Date
2021-10-21 18:00:00, 3122
2021-10-22 18:00:00, 3122
2021-10-23 18:00:00, 3120
2021-10-24 18:00:00, 3109
2021-10-25 18:00:00, 3091
2021-10-26 18:00:00, 3162

I’m using a Bar Gauge and getting this:

I’d each bar to display the date.

Thoughts on how to adjust query or settings to display the date .

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