Data scraping of a tps database

ok the reason I am asking all this is to see if you can put another broker in the middle that also reads the data and pushes it to a database instead of trying to read this tps old school non common database.

the broker in the middle can parse the data coming down the wire and push it to anything you want: mysql, postres, etc.

the json extraction approach is basically that but post ingestion into tps hence the 30 min wait. 30 min wait might not be ok in some instances, might be good for you.

do you have any python or some other scripting skills? or maybe node red can sit in the middle as broker and sniff the data coming. so you will (should) have identical data in tps and this other database.

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To be honest i only got my grafana working 2 weeks ago. I was intredused to grafana 2 years aga. and i could not understand the smtp exporter, the .yml file ext. to say i do not know how to code. i do follow tutorials.

i also had the idee of putting some thing in between. well if i can create my own encoders. i wane to try and put a middle man on the hardware ( just a thought) but i do not know were to start.

al most like a listning server.

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so there is smtp involved in the data generators?

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I am sorry for the delay, as the form prevented me from replay for 16H

No the is no smtp in the data generators.

i can make a small example on how i receive a raw data.

33521E120P01C138 This is what the Raw data looks like. In my DB there is like a pre define set of data as to what is what.

I can brake all of them down.

33521-----Radio code
E120 ------- Event Panic Received ( If R120 is received it means it has restore)
P01 ---------- Partition 1 ( Different Partition 1 up to 8)
U138 --------- User Remote Panic U= User C= Zone number)

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on the server to where the radioa connect via com, can you write for ex python code to read data from com?