Dashboard - Variables - Different default value for each user


I’m a new grafana user and I’m discovering this great tool!
I’ve a dashboard with a variable, named “Country”. My problem is that I need put a default value for each user.


  • user1: want to view dashboard with variable “Country”=“Spain” by default
  • user2: wish to use dasboard with variable “Country”=“Portugal” by default

The user permision is only “Viewer”, they can’t modify dashboards.
I don’t know how solve this, any idea?

Thanks in advance


Normally, you can’t do this, because when you are admin, you can save the default variable which will appear for all users.
But the two users can save the link with the right variable, or you can create an HTML page with two links one for spain and the other for portugal.


Hi :slight_smile:

Has anything changed?

Is there a way to select a different set of default variable values per user? This would be a killer feature.

This solution is what I need from Grafana, any news ?