Dashboard url without uid

Is there a way to reference dashboards by name only? I have multiple grafana instances with common dashboards. I have other multiples of other systems that I’d like to link to grafana dashboards. Parameterizing the respective grafana instance base url’s is not a problem but that uid introduced in version 5 makes dashboards unportable. Thanks!


Not sure I understand your issues? Uid was introduced to make the urls more predictable. The slug part is not used for loading dashboard.


Oh, I initially tested with only the uid part and no slug part which returned a 404 and confused me - using an arbitrary slug works as expected. Reading the docs better (didn’t know that uid could be user-defined), I see what you are saying. Thanks!

Oh right :+1:

I should add that we released a fix for this issue in Grafana v5.0.2 which fixes the issue with browsing a dashboard solely by its uid.