Dashboard shows different information from energy plug

Hello, I use an ioBroker system with a conbee II coordinator. My database is influx. I have a smart plug from innr (SP 120) for my electric kettle. When I look in my dashboard there are the correct data if I show a small time difference (1h). In this one hour the kettle was on for 2 minutes. If I switch the timebase to one or two days it seems that the kettle is working over many hours ?

Does anyone has an idea how to fix the problem?

Thanks and best regards!

hello im sorry to say, what you want to achieve is basically not possible.

Hello, I do not understand why you want to say? What is not possible? Here are 2 screenshots, I hope you understand what I mean?

yes i understand your problem. it is known a long time ago and also reported by me but the dont fix it. the prefer bringing new features and so on