Dashboard Permission Error

I am running into an issue with Dashboard specific permissions. We have a dashboard that has a dozen permissions ranging from inherited permissions from the folder to user specific permissions to view. I am seeing that if I try and alter any of the permissions for the dashboard or if I try and add a new permission it tells me “You can only override a permission to be higher”, regardless of the action.

I have found that if I make an exact replica of the dashboard by copying the JSON and place it in the same folder as the dashboard in question that I have complete control of the permissions.

I am running Grafana version 6.2.4 on a Windows server utilizing the default internal database (I believe that is sqlite3). And it was rebooted this morning without issue. This behavior was occurring before the reboot.

Does anyone have a clue what is causing this?

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I have the same error. And it is corrected the same way. Grafana version: 7.4.0 you can only override the resolution to a higher one.