Dashboard killing bug in graph styles?

Grafana v10.4.3 (0bfd547800) - Raspbian v12 - docker 20.10.24 - influxdb 1.8

Hey everyone!

I seemingly killed a dashboard by:
Changing the “Graph styles → Connect null values” and “Disconnect values” to “Threshold” and the values to 1 and 1 respectively without a unit but kept the “<” / “>” that have been set automatically.

As soon as I left the second value field the UI “froze”.
After some seconds an error message appeard but i could still click the cogwheel and save the dashboard, which I did. Obviously I did not make a note of the exact message.

Now, as soon as I open said dashboard the web interface becomes unresponsive.
That also leads to me not being abled to show the config here, or is there a way to access the file without going into the dashboard?


you can access it by querying the backend db either sqllite or whatever backend you are using