Dashboard JSON templating variable skip current value


One of my hidden variables on a dashboard has a big amout of data.
I need it because it fetches once in the variable and then used across multiple panels.

“skipUrlSync” is a really helpful option, so that this huge value doesn’t overwhelm the URL.
However, this option is missing on the UI and it took me some time to discover it. Is there any feature request for that, or should it be created?

Now, the only problem I have is when I export the dashboard in JSON, to provision it, or to share it another system, in the resulting JSON it puts the current huge value of that variable.
Is it possible to make something like “skipCurrentValueSync” option for a variable, so that during export it won’t store the current value of this variable?

Those current values are really messy sometimes even when there are no huge values.

I would appreciate any help.