Dashboard error for Azure sentinel dashboard configuratio

I am trying to create dash board for Azure sentinel. Data source is created successfully. when trying to create dash board getting below error. Could you please help me

request failed, status: 400 Bad Request, body: {“error”:{“message”:“The request had some invalid properties”,“code”:“BadArgumentError”,“correlationId”:“2932de63-3eec-4251-b945-f47f99ad6928”,“innererror”:{“code”:“SyntaxError”,“message”:“A recognition error occurred in the query.”,“innererror”:{“code”:“SYN0002”,“message”:“Query could not be parsed at ‘<’ on line [2,0]”,“line”:2,“pos”:0,“token”:"<"}}}}

Hi @bhadvit,

Did you receive this error trying to import a dashboard? If so, which one, and how did to attempt to import it?