Cycle through variables by keyboards


I’d like to raise a feature request:
When I place a variable on my dashboard I can easily switch between entries. I would love to cycle through the entries by keys on my keyboard, e.g. by pressing right cursor arrow to get the next entry and go to the previous one by hitting the left arrow key.

I can do this by now via manipulating the URL variables after manually activating the a switch and doing with some JavaScript an addition to the body element and load the complete site with desired variables.

But actually, it would be great to switch through variables like clicking on an entry in the drop down menu.

Formal specification points:

Main intention
Allow cycling through variable entries by keyboard strokes.

This feature can only be applied to single-value variables. Not for multi-value variables.

Additonal requirements
If there are several variables on the dashboard, every single-value-variable can be defined with a specific previous / next key.
For touch devices: Providing a panel with next/previous entries.

User can cycle easily through a set of dashboards, which only separates by variables. In my specific case, cycle thorugh a dashboard of finance data for each commodity.

Hi @lordvoodoo :wave:t3:
Thanks for sending your feature request. Do you typically like to use the keyboard to navigate?
We are looking to improve the keyboard navigability of Grafana, and we would love to hear your feedback.
If you are interested, please book a time with us here and help us make Grafana better.