Customer details (name and location) from MySql to be displayed in grafana dashboard

Hi, I’m using grafana version 5.3.4.

I have a table that stores customer’s data(name, location, address, etc.,) in the MySql database. So, the columns in the customer table contain the records in text format. I want to get the name and location of the customer in the panel, grafana grabbing the information (Name and location) from the MySql database. Is that possible somehow? I would appreciate some help, as I have no idea how to do this.

For Example:
Customer name: Jasan
Location: Delhi
In Panel when I query for the customer name and location, Jasan and Delhi should be displayed in grafana panel.


Hello Jasan,
it is possible with the table plugin:


Thank you for providing the information marcoavnet. But I’m looking for the panel that displays the data as shown in the attached screenshot, not with the table plugin.

Screenshot from 2020-01-29 12-34-15