Custom UID for Alert Rules and Contact Points


Does the uid in the new/unified Alerting API for alert rules & contact points (i.e. /api/v1/provisioning/alert-rules/{UID} & /api/v1/provisioning/contact-points/{UID}) have similar “guarantee” with dashboard UID?

What I mean is in the Dashboard API documentation, it is implied that we can specify a dashboard’s UID during creation if we want the created dashboard to have consistent URL across Grafana installations:

The unique identifier (uid) of a dashboard can be used for uniquely identify a dashboard between multiple Grafana installs. It’s automatically generated if not provided when creating a dashboard. The uid allows having consistent URLs for accessing dashboards and when syncing dashboards between multiple Grafana installs, see dashboard provisioning for more information. This means that changing the title of a dashboard will not break any bookmarked links to that dashboard.

It seems that the Dashboard UID also does not need to be in UUID format (while auto-generated UID for Alert Rules and Contact Points are UUIDs).

Can we do the same with alert rule & contact point UIDs? i.e. specify custom UIDs (that may not be in UUID format) for alert rules & contact points so they will have consistent identifier across multiple standalone Grafana installations?