Custom start times

I have a dashboard setup using 2 chart panels and serval stat panels.

Ideally I’d like the default view to show from 6:30am each day until now.
This should apply to the charts as well at the stat panels.

Currently I can specify the start time manually and the chart will oblige no problem, but the stat nodes done seem to adjust.

the Query I use for the number is

SELECT Count(ManTime) as 'OK Cycles',TS AT TIME ZONE 'GMT STANDARD TIME' FROM Cast_CycleTimes Where Machine = 'Sinto8' AND ManTimeOK = '1' GROUP BY TS

Its like it isn’t seeing the Time series to be able to filter by it but I can’t see why as the same query powers the charts with no issue

what visualizations and what grafana version are you using, @joshuagilbert?

Graph (old) or Time Series? Grafana 8? When switching to stat, have you tried changing the format dropdown value in the query editor from time series to table?

here are some upgrade notes explaining the change to SQL datasources in V8 that broke some queries. Hoping this is related and gets you unblocked: