Custom month date view on x-axis

Hi all

I have come across a problem that I am unsure how to solve. Any ideas would be great:

I would like to create a simple cumulative cost graph (in Rands) that “resets” every month on the first. The current, as well as the last three months, need to show.

I am aiming for a layout similar to this. It will show how much effective money is generated through solar panels.
For the development, I have opted to test this by using days to simulate months. (i.e. the days would represent the months for now until I know it’s working). Also, I am using graphs to visualise the data after which I will create the bars I am looking for.

Last three days data is shown on a graph (top) and segmented into three days to restart cost at 0 for each day. Green lines drawn to show corresponding time range after segmentation.

This was achieved by playing around with the time range controls, first the global settings, and then implemented in each panel as needed.

I used these as examples:

Grafana guide: Time Range
A similar example: MySQL and a year in retrospect
Example 2: Custom time ranges for graphs
Example 3 Different version of Grafana, but really handy!

Not that handy:
Variable for day timeframe
Display Data for custime time range

The graphs work but not when I convert them to bars for the same timespan and data.

Further Context
Please see the query inspector files for the middle two panels here.

How do I fix them to show the correct value in the bars?

1x IotaWatt with Current Transformers
Posting to InfluxDB (version 1.7.10 on a raspberry pi)
Dashboard display with Grafana (version v6.6.1 (21bf8b71bc) on a raspberry pi)