Custom gazetteer file

I’m looking for a way to add my own custom gazetteer JSON file in the Grafana docker container. By default you get 3 options - countries, states, or airports. I know you can paste in a URL if the json is hosted somewhere on HTTP, but is there some way to add the file locally? That would make it easier to track in version control. This seems to be defined in public/app/features/geo/editor/GazetteerPathEditor.tsx:

import { COUNTRIES_GAZETTEER_PATH, Gazetteer, getGazetteer } from '../gazetteer/gazetteer';

const defaultPaths: Array<SelectableValue<string>> = [
    label: 'Countries',
    description: 'Lookup countries by name, two letter code, or three letter code',
    label: 'USA States',
    description: 'Lookup states by name or 2 ',
    value: 'public/gazetteer/usa-states.json',
    label: 'Airports',
    description: 'Lookup airports by id or code',
    value: 'public/gazetteer/airports.geojson',

I’m not sure why only the first one uses a variable, but perhaps it could be hijacked using a Docker environment variable… Though it would be cleaner to define by own somewhere so it has a proper name.

Could you hijack one of the 3 that you know you will never use? and rename your json file to match the one you hijacked

Yes that works! Wondering if there’s a cleaner option.

not until that section of the code is configurable via a config file. Right now it is baked in the code.

or you can git clone grafana and make that change yourself