Custom dashboard for each user registered on a system?

I’m very new to Grafana and I’m trying to understand if it can be used in my use case.

I will soon need to deploy a Wazuh manager on a production environment. Wazuh is useful to visualize on a central location (manager node) security events happening on the agents that are monitored.
I want to replace the dashboard provided by default, because I feel it’s kind of slow in certain situations. The original dashboard is based on kibana and uses some restful API and the backend Elasticsearch storage to fetch the data that it needs.

I already made some research and I think it’s possible to integrate Grafana to it, and eventually replace the default dashboard provided with Wazuh.
However, I would also like to setup the system to be able to accommodate a custom dashboard for each registered user and be able to manage those dashboards from the “admin” account. So basically only the admin account should be able to modify the dashboard of any user, and the users themselves would only be able to view the data the admin wants to show them.

Is it possible to use Grafana for this use case?
What would I need for handling the access management in this case?

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Yes that should be possible.

For the access part you would first need to read this doc

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I quickly read the link you sent me, and I can understand that in my use case the users would have only “viewer” role.

However, there is still a thing that I was wondering about. I think it might be a dumb question, but I still have to ask to be sure: is the access management done by a backend made by Grafana itself on the open source edition?

Or are all the queries to the data source (e.g. Elasticsearch) performed from the dash itself?

Because obviously for such use case there would be some kind of “backend” that controls the access of users and the data about them.
And obviously the users “viewers” would not be allowed to run queries in Elasticsearch.

Any ideas?

Does anyone have any suggestion about this?
Thank you.