Current (Average across all cores) CPU Utilization from hrProcessorTable

Hi There,

Hoping someone can find a simple answer to this?

I currently use telegraf (snmp) with the following config to get the CPU (by Core) utilization by host over SNMP…

name = “snmp.hosts.hrProcessorTable”
index_as_tag = true
oid = “HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrProcessorTable”

Telegraf writes these (for all agent_host remote hosts) to a table called snmp.hosts.hrProcessorTable to InfluxDB which contains the following columns:

hrProcessorLoad - This is the load of a single core as an Integer (1-100%)
index - This is always either 196608 (Core 0), 196609 (Core 1), 196610 (Core 2) or 196611 (Core 3)

In SingleStat, I can graph the current (last) CPU Utilization by Core by using the following SQL in Grafana (the following gets the last / current CPU utilization for Core 0 i.e. Index 196608):

SELECT last(“hrProcessorLoad”) FROM “snmp.hosts.hrProcessorTable” WHERE (“agent_host” =~ /^host/ AND “index” = ‘196608’) AND $timeFilter

… But how do I get the current average Utilization across all the cores (Index 196608, 196609, 196610, 196611)?

Many Thanks!