CSV path with Samba


I have a device, this device will store real-time data with format CSV into a samba folder that can be accessed with Windows. I can access this samba folder with format \IP_ADDRESS\SHARED_FOLDER\Destination.csv

What I want to do is, Is it possible for CSV Plugin Datasource to consume CSV files from the samba folder? Or is there any possible way that I can choose to do this one?


Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @rudytrisaputra97

Is that endpoint publicly accessible? Then I believe the CSV plugin will work. If not, throwing the data into a github repo and pointing the plugin there should work as well

Hi! Thanks for the response!

I’m sorry, that endpoint is private. I need the data real-time accessible, so the Grafana dashboard is an always-on real-time condition, but if I throw the data into the repo, it basically not a real-time situation right?