Creating a weather dashboard - Single stat problems!

I’m trying to make a weather stat page with yesterdays high/low values for my mother, she likes filling the details into her journal and thought this would be great to let her only view one place!
This is how it’s looking right now:

One problem is that the table is also showing todays values but I can live with that, but if you compare the “Varmast igår” and “Varmaste temp” for the 29th the values differ, as do the ones for rain (values ending with mm)
This is how the single value is configed:


Rest of images in next post!

Rest of images

Time Range

You need to use yesterday, not last 1d. Try last: 1d/d.
But you may have still a problem with timezone.

Just changing last to “1d/d” I get todays max value, adding timeshift 1d I get the max value 2 days ago! :smiley: