Creating a plugin for data transformations

We use a setup with InfluxDB and Grafana. Some of the signals we log and want to display as graphs in Grafana are composed of vectors of objects with a value and an id. The index in the vector might change for an object with a specific id. These signals are logged as fields in InfluxDB. An example is:
vec[0].id, vec[0].value, vec[1].id, vec[1].value

Is it possible to create a data transformation plugin to map the specific object ids and values to a single series with a label containing the id field?

I tried looking into both datasource and panel plugins, but since you cannot extend the graph panel or the InfluxDataSource it seems like I’m left with the option of implementing the whole graph panel or the influxDB datasource myself.

Is there any other goods ways of achieving the desired graph?

Hi @orjgre,

Grafana 8, which is still in beta, is introducing a lot of extra features for edge computing. It sounds like it might be able to help your situaion: