Creating a map with live sensors on it


My company has several Libelium sensors around the country that send data through LoRaWAN and 4G. How can I create a map of the country where I can see all the sensors and their data if I hover my mouse over them? What plug-ins should I use?

I am using the cloud-based Grafana and have next to no experience.

Thank you!


You can use Geomap plugin

Hello, thank you! But how can I display the sensors on the map? I cannot find anything on the internet.

Could you please provide sample data? As csv, json minus sensitive data?

Here we go. Downloaded lots of USA cities from US Cities Database |

Uploaded them to sql server. added a readingdatetime datetime column and populated it with random dates so grafana does not complain about missing time column.
Use GeoMap plugin, for Data Layer config I used Marker
Here is the query with census data as sensors data (get it census / sensors :joy: )

  lat, lng,
  city as 'Sensor Name'
  and state_name = 'California'
  readingdatetime ASC