Create matric for counter (rain counter: rain per/day as bar chart)

I am recording the amount of rain and this get logged in InfluxDB.

The data in DB are like a counter that get increased over time.

I would like to have a bar chart with the amount of rain per day.

Somehow I get a Graph (attached), but the Values are totally confusing me.

My challenge is, I do not understand how I need to setup the query to get the data right calculated and visualized per day.

Any Advice is highly welcome. (Pictures with metrics attached)

The problem I am having are the delta values per day.
The values per day are not correct.
Thank you in advance


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If someone is interested in a solution:

I took the max and the min value per day and created the difference. (per day)

select max(value)-min(value) from OEQ2113585_1RAINCOUNTER WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time(1d) fill(null)


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I think you could also use the difference() function

Calculate difference between the first (or last) measurement per day.