Create a graph depicting the percent of values below a threshold over time

Been 2 years since I’ve done anything in Grafana so I’m rusty. Pulling series of decimal values from a sql db. Each day for say 7 days has a series of 48 values. Need to display for each day the % of values that are below a certain threshold. We use this to help gauge the quality of a product.

Finding the values to calculate from is easy. Not sure how to best get the percentage.

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what database are you using?
version of grafana ? can you show us a data sample ?

Day value
1 89.0
2 78.0
3 45.4
4 23.7
5 45.4

How can I determine if the 25th percentile is < a certain value and display the percentile value?

What is your database ?
What is 25th percentile, you mean 25 % and 75 % quartile ?.
for that you have to count your series index ordered by value .