Copying a dashboard does't copy alerts

Hi There,

To copy a dashboard for a new service I go to dashboard settings JSON Model. I copy the dashboard definition and replace the service name. I use this to import as a new dashboard.
The dashboard shows fine and I can see alerts along with Notification targets.

The issue is that alerts never fire, also when I look at Alerting>Alerting rules this alert doesn’t show up there.

Have you tried to copy the dashboard without going to the JSON Model?

I am facing the same issue as well, when i duplicate a dashboard ( Save As option ) the alerts are not copied to the new dashboard, Kindly let me know if there is a work around for the same

The same from my side.

Hi! If you are using legacy alerting then alerts will be copied with the dashboard. However, if using unified alerting alerts are not copied with the dashboard as alerts are now independent of dashboards.