Copy elasticsearch plugin and change it , throw some error


recently, I want to rewrite the elasticsearch plugin to support the sql query, I copy the elasticsearch plugin and changed the following code

The first change:
In the file ‘public/app/features/plugins/built_in_plugins.ts’, some modification was below:
import * as elasticsearchPlugin from ‘app/plugins/datasource/elasticsearch/module’;
‘app/plugins/datasource/elasticsearch/module’: elasticsearchPlugin,
import * as elasticsearchsqlPlugin from ‘app/plugins/datasource/elasticsearch-sql/module’;
‘app/plugins/datasource/elasticsearch-sql/module’: elasticsearchsqlPlugin,

The secord change
In the file ‘plugin.json’,
“name”: “Elasticsearch”,
“id”: “elasticsearch”,
“keywords”: [“elasticsearch”],
“name”: “Elasticsearch-sql”,
“id”: “elasticsearch-sql”,
“keywords”: [“elasticsearch-sql”],

Finally,I have finished to compile the sourcecode of grafana ,and run it. some error below:
EROR[06-18|15:18:53] Could not find plugin definition for data source: elasticsearch

I think there is no relationship with the elasticsearch plugin , why it need elasticsearch plugin?