Convert epoch time in milliseconds to seconds

In Grafana, I’m creating a data link on a chart, so when it’s clicked, it takes you to an external link.

The data link in the chart looks like this:

I want to include the time in the URL. The URL in the Grafana data link looks like this:


The ${__value.time} is in Epoch time in milliseconds . However, the external link only accepts the Epoch time in seconds .

Ideally, all I have to do is ${__value.time}/1000 . But unfortunately, the link in the url shows up as:

https://my_external_link1/app=$app_name&time=1576520460000/1000 which is not correct.

Question: Is it possible to convert the Epoch time in milliseconds to seconds, may be within a variable, and then pass it to the data link URL as shown above?