Convert Data Row to Time series Dashboard

Hi everyone,
I have some questions to regarding create dashboard from the data that express table.
I currently use Grafana Version 7.5.7 and I need to create time series Dashboard from data table.

  • In my Grafana Version I think doesn’t support Convert field type transformation. Is there an alternative to solve this case and I don’t sure it is possible install Convert field type as transformation or not?
  • I have in my data two columns from MS SQL ingestion into Elasticsearch index, I want to use this data to make time series Dashboard.

So you are pushing data from ms sql to es just for the purpose of creating grafana dashboards or that is an existing process?

Yes, for this purpose

So you can create grafana dashboards by directly using ms sql

You mean using ms sql data source?

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Yes that plugin unless you still want to use es but sql server can also be used to plot your graphs

Can u share the schema of your table ot those 2 columns?

Why do you assume that my use of ES is of no use, I have ES to make centralized of data to more than schemas.
If you have any solution for my question please don’t hesitate to answer us.

No one is saying that. But if you want to use es that is your business

Please post sample es document.

I need use the value in time series dashboard