Controlling rps using k6 Rest API Interface

While running the k6 tests we use --rps flag.
Is there a way we can increase or decrease this at run time using K6 rest API interface. As far as I know we can change the number of VUs but not --rps.
If not how can we have control over RPS at run time.

Unfortunately you can’t currently control the --rps value during the k6 runtime :disappointed: Can you please explain your use case and why you need this feature?

It is very imp feature for benchmarking or performance testing of API’s. We even run performance tests in production systems in off hours. We currently know that our system can handle x rps of certain API. After a fix or increasing the capacity of system we want to findout the breakpoint of our system we need to increase the value of --rps at run time based on the server & application stats. Sometimes we even need to reduce the --rps value to check the recovery of the system. we can increase and decrease vu’s but that does not give us proper control over rps(and we usually talk in terms of rps with stakeholders).