Contact Points 'Health' column missing

I hesitate to mark this as a bug in the github project in case it isn’t, but seeing something inconsistent between Organizations.

The original Org has been around since our instance was created 2 years ago. Now that we’re on 9.3.x, there is an option in contact points for health. This column and details are completely missing from that original Org but exist in two newer Orgs created.

Any ideas as to why? There are over a dozen contact points defined in Org 1 in case it goes away with a certain count.

Screenshots to show difference:



Is it possible that Org 1 has selected an external Alertmanager, while Org 2 is showing the Grafana Alertmanager?

You’re likely on the right track. We leverage a vast number of datasources in Org 1 and many have ‘Manage alerts via Alerting UI’ enabled.

But as for the Contact Points tab…there is a greyed out drop down that only lists ‘Grafana’ for the Alertmanager choice.