Consutancy possibilities

I am working in a group in the Northwest cost of Norway that are designing and building vessels for several segments. We are currently streaming live vessel data from some of the vessels we have designed and built. The data are streamed over the vessels satellite communication enabled by a onboard device that derives relevant data from the vessel such as fuel consumption, speed, position. There a typical several thousand of signal that could be candidates for analysis, dependent of the domain we want to look at onboard the vessel.

The onboard device is developed of one of the companies we have in the group that deliver automation systems, and the device is sold in the marked as a separate solution whereas the currently is delivered to a Postgres database hosted at Google Cloud.

We are looking for application to present the data harvested from the vessel to our customers, and our eyes have been on Grafana as one promising alternative.

As we mainly our competence is in the maritime domain mixed with automation there is a gap in competence related to the presenting layer of the data.

Therefore we need to look at the ecosystem and are especially consultants looking for consultants that can support us in several aspects of using Grafana.

Where would be the best way to search after such resources?