Console log outputs being suppressed in datasource plugin

I am creating a datasource plugin for Grafana (8.x) and I am unable to get anything to print to the console window using console.log(). There are other parts of Grafana that are logging fine but for some reason they won’t log out of my plugin. Here is my config.monitoring file:


None of this jumps out to me as something that would suppress logging. Is there something in the plugin itself that could disable logging?

EDIT: I just realized that I can log out of datasource.ts, but not in QueryEditor.tsx. Is there an issue with logging in a .tsx file? I don’t recall having issues with it in the past.

I’m not aware of a configuration that would disable browser logging. Since you’re able to output logs in datasource.ts. Forgive the basic question, but are you certain that the log statement is in the execution path?

Yeah you got me, it wasn’t in the execution path when I asked this question. Thanks Marcus!

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