Connecting to other VMs docker container


I’m running the Grafana k6 docker image (Grafana/k6:Master) in my gitlab CI/CD pipeline to run the k6 script.

The k6 script is able to run, however the request to the endpoint give me the error “I/O timeout”. I have tried to ping to another VM but it say permission denied, are you root user? The current image is running on K6 user default by the docker image.

My request is hitting another endpoint located in another VM, running in docker container.

Both VMs firewall are turn off.

I have tried to run the k6 script locally and everything works fine hitting the other endpoint in another VM, running in docker container.

Any idea how to resolve this?

Hi @lohey28 !

I think this is rather a gitlab/docker/network issue than a k6 issue. I am not familiar with gitlab CI pipeline. Are you sure the destination you wants to call is reachable from outside the VM it runs on? (Is the docker port exposed?)

Can you share the test script with us?