Connect to a SQL Listener

I can connect directly to a SQL server in a cluster, but when I try and connect to the listener of the cluster, the connection request times out. We are connecting on port 1633.
Cluster is hosted on Virtual machines in Azure.

When I connect from SSMS to the listener using the same user, I am able to connect.

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Hi @jimbob,

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Can you please provide us with more details e.g. screenshot?

To me, it sounds like timeout could possibly happen either due to insufficient permissions for the remote IP to connect OR maybe a firewall.

Will do; trying to get the Grafana logs.
the user that I am using to access the listener can access the two nodes independently, can make queries on those nodes via grafana, and can login via the listener on SSMS. I’ll have a look if there is some other privacy issue in the environ, as that does sound like a feasible issue.

Found this article which describes as how to use Grafana-Azure with SSMS and might help you out.

And yes, logs will be the right place to look for more details if not able to set it up.

Thanks; that detail of it we have working; it’s the connection via the listener that is the issue. At the moment if the cluster fails to the secondary we need to change the connection in Grafana; it makes it tricky, and masks the monitoring of that particular incident too.

I’ll update once I get the logs.

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Does any one have update on this