Configuring HTTPS for grafana on Kubernetes

I am trying to configure https on the grafana which is deployed on kubernetes. I have the CA certificate, but I am confused on how to configure it to use the certificate.

Hi @tavleen0302, and welcome to the community.

It’s easier IMHO to use an ingress controller to set up ssl on k8s, more info here: Ingress | Kubernetes

But if you want to use a bypass on k8s directly to the pod of grafana you could use a Kubernetes Config Map to set up the config.ini grafana with the ssl options and use a volume for the pod to have access to the certificate files.


To configure HTTPS on Grafana deployed on Kubernetes with the use of your CA certificate, start by get the necessary CA certificate.

This certificate can either be self-signed or get it from a trusted certificate authority (CA). if you don’t know the difference between self-sign and CAs then read this article : Self-Signed Certificate vs. Trusted CA Signed SSL Certificate.

Once you have the CA certificate, you need to update the Grafana deployment configuration. This involves modifying the configuration to include the CA certificate.

Typically, you need to mount the certificate file into the Grafana pod and specify its location in the Grafana configuration file.

After updating the configuration, restart the Grafana pods to apply the changes.

I hope it works.