Configuring a panel to detect the relevant time period automatically

Hi All,

Use case: I have data in a MySQL database that contains the time column as a 32 bit integer. I use the unix timestamp conversion query to convert that time into something Grafana can display, which leads to data being plotted in a band of usually 2 to 3 years, Eg. 2035 to 2038. I am interested only in the relative occurrence of events over time, and not on the actual date itself, hence I don’t care about times.

However I need to manually go over the panel data and see at what year the data points got plotted. Is there a way for Grafana to automatically detect the years in which the data got plotted and set the timespan accordingly?


There is nothing currently that automatically detects where there is data available.

There is a feature request that seems to be in the scope of what you’re looking for