Completing an IN PLACE OS Upgrade and Grafana

Hey there Everyone,
I am trying to find out if anyone has ever completed an IN PLACE OS UPGRADE, and if so where there any issue with Grafana after?

Grafana is running on a server with Server 2012, that is approaching End of Life. We are looking at upgrading to Server 2019, and I want to limit the possibility of thing going sideways.



Welcome @mmcbrine

Never tried that but what else resides on that server other than grafana? How do users access grafana? by ip or by

This server is dedicated to Grafana, Prometheus, Loki. The users access by HTTPS\HOSTNAME.DOMAIN:3000. This an on premiss setup.



why not spin up a new 2019 server. move all the bits from current server to this new server. test all things in new server. if all good, stop all things on old server and make new server king.

a sort of Blue green deployment

better yet move away from windows server hosting and use containerization docker etc if that is something in your ecosystem