Community call 2021-09: Query editors and folder management

:mega: Get a glimpse of how we’re improving the experience for query editors and folder management.

No matter if you’re configuring your first query, or if you’ve been configuring countless of queries for different data sources over the past years, we’d love your input on what we’ve got so far!

@patrickoc will present why these changes are being made, new component designs and a sneak peak on what the query builder might look like in the future for one of the most popular data sources used on Grafana.

The UX team is working on ways to simplify and streamline navigation within Grafana. As part of this effort, we are evaluating how users access, manage, and take actions on folders. We need your feedback on how you use folders and organize your content. Amy Super will provide a brief overview of the problem to solve, the outstanding questions, and some early draft designs.

Join us for this week’s community call on Sep 16 (Thu)! For more information, check out the agenda.

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