Combining multiple table coordinates in Geomap

Hi, I’m looking for a way to combine coordinates from data in different tables, and place it into one Geomap panel. I haven’t found any way to do it yet, but is there maybe a feature or query suggestion that can help with this?

What are your datasources?
Mysql, ms sql, postgres?

In same database? On same server?

Postgresql, same database and server. Only difference is the tables, and I also have the same columns for longitude and latitude

Select lon, lat, name from a union
Select longitude, latitude, place from b

Thank you, it worked. The only thing I’m wondering now is if the shapes/icons can be based on given table. So say for instance I have 3 tables, and I separate them visually with the layers.

I’ve tried renaming the longitude and latitude fields in the union query, but in Geomap settings it can only find the longitude and latitude fields of the first part of the union query. Thus, I can’t separate the shapes. Is there a workaround for this?

that actually would be a cool feature to ask for. I would post this question in the github repo

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or maybe another way is to use apache echar plugin in grafana

@mikhailvolkov can one define a custom icon/symbol for each location?

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In ECharts each series can be displayed using custom shapes and forms. There are examples demonstrates that.

We got requests to support various maps formats like amap, bmap. Currently ECharts supports SVG maps only.

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I couldn’t see how each location can have its own unique icon though