Combine Data from Continuous Query and real time

Hey there,

need some help, couldn’t find anything over the search.

I have some Data in my InfluxDB that is stored every 30 seconds. The value is an already aggregated daily sum, which is only stored. In my dashboard I query only the last value that means the actual daily sum or the daily sum of the last days.

I’ve created a Continous Query that stores only the last value for each day with a retention policy of two years.

In the real time series I’ve got the daily sum for each 30 seconds and in the dashboard I also query only the last given value. Retention policy here is 4 weeks.

At the moment I’ve got two different panels. One with the values from the cq and one with the values in real time. My problem is that because of the cq the value for the actual day is not in the first panel. And the second one only shows the last 4 weeks.

Is there a way to combine the two queries to show all values from now to 2 years back?

My first try was to overlay two queries in one panel, looks good but in the legend you can see two values.

Probably there is something but I don’t know what to search for. Hopefully someone can help.
Thanks in advance!