Colour based on time period throughout day?

I am graphing energy usage.
This energy usage for a 24 hour period can be classified as either peak or off-peak.

For a Metric, is it possible to use the $timeFilter variable along with a second time period of say >7am and <10pm?
As an example, this would allow a time filter of ‘Last 7 days’, but then only display data within the 7am-10pm period for each of those days.

If this is possible then I could have two incoming Metrics (one for each of the two time periods of a day) which I could manage their colours as normal in the display overrides.

I hope the above makes sense.

Here is an example.


This feels like a duplicate of Show night time in graph?


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Thank you.
I didn’t come across that thread in my searches, but yes it looks to be a similar question. And it does answer my question.