CloudWatch Events missing dimension key

The AWS/Events metric within the CloudWatch Events datasource is missing the EventBusName dimension key. Is anyone else seeing this? What’s odd is that my rule shows up under RuleName, but it does not retain the setting… when I save it, it gets wiped out (defaulting to “all rules”).

Does AWS/Events metric only connect to the default bus’ rules?

dimension_values(us-east-1, AWS/Events, TriggeredRules, EventBusName) – assigned this query to a variable as a workaround, but only works in preview mode doesn’t actually apply anything since Grafana doesn’t recognize EventBusName as a dimension. In the aws cli, aws cloudwatch list-metrics --namespace “AWS/Events”… you’ll see two dimensions. So AWS recognizes that there are 2 AWS/Events dimensions, but Grafana doesn’t?

Official AWS doc mentions only RuleName as valid dimension name, so current Grafana implementation:

seems to be correct. I would contact AWS support to check what is wrong (doc or implementation)