Clock plugin - change text color of clock

Hi all,

I put clock to my dashboard- all is OK. But I´d like to change the color of text - there is only options to change color of backround, but is there any possibility to change the color of text like a orange color of numbers ?

And other question is - how to put the name of weekday in this clock plugin ? Or I have to use other plugin ? I´d like to have date e.g. 12.1.2024 - Friday.

Thank you for any advice


Hi fstourac

As far as I know it’s not possible to change the color of the text.

But for your second question, to show the week day, use the follwing codes in the Date Format field:
dd → Abbreviation of day in two letters, e.g. Fr
ddd → Abbreviation of day in three letters, e.g. Fri
dddd → Full name of day, e.g. Friday


You can look at this plugin for that