Click on "Block" or "Allow" for location preferences

URL similar to Lowes that requires location “Block” or “Allow” pop up. I am new to K6 and need to click on those window popup button somehow. Did anyone get this working?

Hi @neeha, welcome to the forum! :wave:

What do you mean with “URL similar to Lowes”?
I’m afraid it is not possible to click on these “browser pop ups”, but it is possible to set a specific location when creating a new browserContext or a new page. See the geolocation field inside options for newContext and newPage.

Let me know if that works for your use case.

Hi @Daniel.J . Sorry for the late reply. Geolocation did not work but I found a workaround using Chrome settings and blocking Notifications/Location settings.
Some other issue I found is when I disable location on chrome settings (version 117) even for Incognito K6 chrome browser doesnt pick those settings. Not sure from where does K6 pick the driver from. I found a workaround for this one too but just FYI . If this can be fixed it be great.