Hi all,

I’m searching to get API from Cisco Prime Infra with this datasource :

  • SimpleJson

My Configuration :

Cisco Prime documention provide a JSON export :

Query Parameters

Query Parameter Applicability Meaning
.json /api/* When present, indicates that the response should be returned in json format.
.xml /api/* When present, indicates that the response should be returned in xml format. This is the default behavior in the absence of the .json parameter.
_docs /api/* Displays the documentation page.
.full /api/v4/data/{eType} only When ‘true’ indicates that whole objects be

But i cann’t get any result in a Panel as Table.

Response with a Table Panel : (option Devices.json)


Request :

Do you think it’s possible to work with this features for Prime Infrastructure ?

Thanks in advance.

Response indicate : Access Deinied i didn’t see sorry i change login/password

Now i get a rate limit request :



I do not think your approach can work; it isn’t possible to plumb JSON formatted output from an arbitrary API directly into Grafana using the Simple JSON datasource.

FWIW I think of the plugin you are trying to use as a toy datasource that orients developers as to how to construct code to plug into the Grafana angularjs codebase. This datasource will work only if the data you want to expose is available from API endpoints ‘/’, ‘/search’ and ‘/query’ using the JSON templates described in

Another point to bear in mind when using this datasource is that a single field—provided by the /search endpoint—describes both the object and metric for anything you want to display. It’s therefore difficult use the datasource in a scalable way even if you can get it working.

My advice is to either write your own datasource for your Cisco API or convince someone else to write one for you (which will generally involve paying them).

Hope this is some help to you.


Yeah ok i see,
Thanks robcollins, i need to find another solution.