Cisco CDR data in table on dashboard

Hi all!

I’m new to Grafana Loki.
But i try to accomplish to read Cisco CDR logs and publish them on a dashboard.
The line column holds the most relevant information(see picture), but i want to separate in different column, is that possible?

The CDR logs looks like this, and i want the info to be in different columns

1672150773,59305,0,2,“5190BE66 852811ED A7F5FDD8 D5BFC33D”,“50000”,“”,“*14:19:33.197 UTC Tue Dec 27 2022”,“”,“*14:19:33.217 UTC Tue Dec 27 2022”,“*14:19:33.217 UTC Tue Dec 27 2022”,“2F “,“no resource (47)”,“answer”,0,””,0,0,0,0,“50000”,“50000”,"5>

Best regards Martin

I would use pattern parser to parse Line: Log queries | Grafana Loki documentation

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